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But he calculates that 50 people could expect neuro-psychiatric side effects from lariam double the rate for chloroquine and proguanil.

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Mefloquine crosses the placentaExcretion into breast milk appears to be hydrochlorothiazide pills. minimalsee PRECAUTIONSNursing Mothers

Drug-drug interactions with Lariammefloquinehave not been explored in detailThere is one report of cardiopulmonary arrestwith full recoveryin a patient who was taking a beta blockerpropranololsee PRECAUTIONSCardiac EffectsThe effects of mefloquine on the compromised cardiovascular system have not been evaluatedThe benefits of Lariammefloquinetherapy should be weighed against the possibility of adverse effects in patients with cardiac disease.

Mefloquine may cause psychiatric symptoms in a number of patientsranging from anxietyparanoiaand depression to hallucinations and psychotic behaviorOn occasionsthese symptoms have been reported to continue long after mefloquine has been stoppedRare cases of suicidal ideation and suicide have been reported though no relationship to drug administration has been confirmedTo minimize the chances of these adverse eventsmefloquine should not be taken for prophylaxis in patients with active depression or with a recent history of depressiongeneralized anxiety disorderpsychosisor schizophrenia or other major psychiatric disordersLariammefloquineshould be used with caution how much is 3g of amoxicillian. in patients with a previous history of depression.

In several studiesthe administration of Lariammefloquinefor the treatment of malaria was associated with early vomiting in pediatric patientsEarly vomiting was cited in some reports as a possible cause of treatment failureIf a second dose is not toleratedthe patient should be monitored closely and alternative malaria treatment considered if improvement is not observed within a reasonable period of timesee DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION

Cardiovascular Disorderscirculatory disturbanceshypotensionhypertensionflushingsyncopechest paintachycardia or palpitationbradycardiairregular pulseextrasystolesA-V blockand other transient cardiac conduction alterations.

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